Why do I need a Trulia Profile?

Creating a profile on Trulia is free and comes with amazing benefits. Your Active MLS listings that have the selected the Zillow/Trulia export option appear on Trulia.com at no additional cost to you.  To increase your expsoure it is advised that your create a free profile to match your listings.   With a Trulia profile you can:

  • showcase your locations, experience, specialties, awards, and testimonials
  • claim and manage your listings, and display your photo and contact information on the property pages on Trulia
  • track and manage your Trulia leads
  • manage your Trulia contacts, send automated listing reports to your sellers, and listing alerts to prospects
  • request recommendations from clients, family and friends to take advantage of Trulia's Social Search
  • answer questions from buyers and sellers in Trulia Advice 

All of these perks are completely free, and all of your profile information is searchable in our professional directory. 

Think of your Trulia profile as your online real estate resume. Click here to sign up or log in so you can start updating yours today!