Use ZOOM to attend an Online Class at GAAR

Are you registered for a class at GAAR? The NMREC has given temporary authorization for members to earn CE remotely (online). GAAR will be using the platform Zoom to provide you online access to scheduled classes & training. Zoom is easy to use on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Your device must have a camera and a microphone. 

View this quick video on how to Join a Meeting with Zoom:


If you are registered for a class and would like to attend remotely:
  1. Look for an email reminder 2-3 days in advance of your class.
  2. Reply to the email if you would like to attend remotely (online). Include; Full Name, License Number & Class Name.
  3. You will then receive an email invitation from ZOOM.
  4. Your device must have a camera and a microphone. Your camera ensures we can account for your participation.
  5. Participants must be in attendance, seated and actively participate for a minimum of 50 minutes (including class breaks) of each hour to get credit.
  6. Any deviation from the above schedule will revoke CE credit and the attendee will need to reschedule the class.
  7. Follow the ZOOM instructions, 10 minutes prior to your class time.