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2019 Recipient

Mick Burke, Hunter Chase Realty

for LifeROOTS

For the last six years, Mick has volunteered for LifeROOTS, a non-profit organization that supports individuals with disabilities from birth to adulthood through education, therapy, work programs, and community. They provide clients with inclusive opportunities and employment to help foster their independence.

For more than 60 years, LifeROOTS has provided services to Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Last year, LifeROOTS provided support to 1,500 individuals with physical, developmental, or behavioral disabilities. 

Key Programs

Early Childhood Intervention
The program provides screenings, assessments, and services to children from birth to age 3. This is supplemented with therapeutic and behavior services, including parenting classes for families.

Lifeworks Program 
The program trains and provides employment for adult clients performing contract work for business customers in various areas such as Custodial Services, Grounds Maintenance, Packaging/Assembly, Bulk Mailing/Sorting, Shipping/Receiving, Presentation Preparation, Envelope Stuffing, Warehousing, Call Center Support, and Administrative Services.
If you are interested in hiring a person with a disability, seeking employment or services for persons with disabilities, or looking for an early intervention children’s program, contact LifeROOTS to learn more

logo for LifeROOTS