Member Resources on Value & Compensation

Below are links to previously published resources on the NAR Litigation and information you can share.

On June 5th, a top-notch panel discussed the NAAR settlement
and how it affects YOU as a GAAR member.
Click the image  above for access to the recording, slides, & handout. 


REALTOR® to REALTOR® Podcast: Guidance for Clients on upcoming Practice Changes

What should you share with your clients on the NAR Settlement? Here’s a 1 pager.

Window to the Law: Settlement Facts Videos

NAR FAQ: Additional Information and Clarity About Written Buyer Agreements

Share Your REALTOR® Value: Equity Update to Past Clients

REALTOR® Magazine Special Supplement | Information & Resources on Proposed Settlement

Dispelling 7 Myths About NAR’s Proposed Settlement

NAR & MBA Urge Support for Buyer Financing

The Facts for REALTORS® (

Fostering Consumer-Friendly Real Estate Marketplaces (


Video: President Morgan Cannaday  addressing misinformation and efforts to correct misconceptions in the media

NMAR's New & Revised Forms

SWMLS Tips: Richard Reviews Compensation Resources

Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors offers this advice in wake of NAR settlement

ABR® Designation offered for FREE in 2024

SWMLS Tip: Update on Compensation Lawsuits

Top 6 Reasons REALTORS® as Champions

Are You Worth It? How to Justify Your Compensation

Communicate Your Value as a REALTOR®

Video: How to Explain Real Estate Compensation to Clients

179 Ways. REALTORS® Are Worth Every Penny.

SWMLS Tip: Sitzer/Burnett vs. NAR Update

NAR President, Tracy Kasper on how MLS Marketplaces advance Homeownership

Explaining the Benefits of the MLS to your Clients

GAAR/SWMLS Antitrust Compliance Policy


Correcting the Record: NAR Does Not Set Commissions

NAR Reaches Agreement to Resolve Compensation Claims

Real Estate Agents Have Earned Trust of Consumers: Kevin Sears

Setting the Record Straight on REALTOR® Commissions

MLSs Urged to Stay the Course Amid Litigation Unrest

It Was All in Writing

NAR Tracy Kasper on “What the Sitzer/Burnett Case Means for Your Business”

NAR to Appeal Burnett Trial Verdict After Being Found Liable

Leigh Brown on the NAR Verdict

Update from NAR President Regarding Verdict

Jury finds NAR, brokerages guilty of conspiring to inflate commissions

Podcast: What’s at Stake in the Sitzer/Burnett Trial

NAR on the Burnett Trial Starting Monday