REALTOR® to REALTOR®: Guidance for Clients on upcoming Practice Changes

Now is a window of opportunity for REALTORS® to adjust the way we do business, educate our clients, and move forward with transactions before new practice changes take effect on August 17.

This week, President Kevin Sears announced three new episodes of the "Drive With NAR" podcast that will help members do all that and more—​they'll hear tips on answering buyers' questions on the settlement, how to adapt to change, and educating sellers on the options available to them when it comes to listing their homes.

Helping Buyers Who Have Settlement Questions

Some consumers may have questions about how the practice changes will impact their experience buying or selling a home. Low-income home buyers, military veterans, and other underserved groups may need specific guidance to understand how compensation will work in their transactions. Do you know how to support your clients and keep them on the path toward homeownership? Host Marki Lemons Ryhal convenes a roundtable with three real estate pros who serve these markets.

The Road to Accepting and Adapting to Change

Adapting to change can cause stress and anxiety, but real estate pros who understand and embrace the industry changes that are coming under NAR’s proposed settlement agreement will be in a better position for success. It starts with building your own confidence in your skills and expertise as an agent. What’s the best way to do that? Host Marki Lemons Ryhal talks with two pros who have been through changes and learned how to help themselves adapt and succeed. 

Educating Home Sellers on Brokerage Cooperation

With practice changes on the horizon, sellers need to understand their options and the benefits of cooperating with other brokerages, including the potential of offering cooperative compensation and the impact that may have on the home selling and buying experience. As home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals adjust to these changes, it is important for members to have clear and transparent conversations with consumers. Host Marki Lemons Ryhal and two real estate pros discuss how and why it is important to emphasize the seller conversation following NAR’s proposed settlement agreement.


How to Connect with NAR Podcast Series

The Drive With NAR podcast brings some of REALTOR® Magazine’s most popular content to life from the perspective of REALTORS® just like you. In each episode, real estate pros share tricks of the trade and chronicle real-life stories that will stick with you and inspire your success.

Get your “aha moments” on the go with our Drive With NAR: REALTOR® to REALTOR® Series, offering business building tips and takeaways from the most reliable source—other REALTORS®! 

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