Have you tried these RE apps?

Article posted by RE Technology, courtesy of Candace Green on the IXACT Contact blog

1. Waze

Real estate agents spend a lot of time in their car travelling to meetings, presentations and open houses. While there are plenty of apps to give you directions, Waze goes a step further.

By using community-based information from users, you'll get real time traffic and road information, saving you precious time and mileage.

Waze will give you road alerts, route recommendations, and even the cheapest gas prices in the area. It's a terrific example of community content benefiting the common good, and might save you from being late for an important meeting!

Download Waze in the App Store or on Google Play.

2. EmergenSee

Safety is on everyone's mind these days and with the right tools, both you and your loved ones can feel more secure about your traveling to meetings with real estate leads and clients.

EmergenSee is discreet and easy to use. With a simple touch on the app, your selected contacts can immediately see your location and be notified if you're in a potentially dangerous situation.

The app uses your phone's GPS to send alerts to your chosen contacts, requiring minimal input on your part. It's peace of mind in a phone app, and it's terrific for real estate professionals. Download EmergenSee in the App Store or on Google Play.

3. Vert

As a real estate professional, you likely work with a lot of different metrics, like size, weight, volume, and length. Vert is a conversion tool that works for anything and everything.

Vert supports over 800 units, along with 168 currencies. You can favorite your most common choices to make them easily available.

What's great about Vert is its super quick speed, and the fact that it works even when you're offline. I have a feeling this is an app that will be useful for both your real estate business and your personal life too, like converting currencies and measurements for cooking!

Download Vert in the App Store.

4. Localeur

Have you established yourself as a knowledgeable and savvy part of your local community? Are you hip to all the best restaurants, shopping, and community events in your area?

With Localeur, you'll amaze your prospects and clients with your inside scoop on all the best places to meet for lunch, grab a coffee, or do some shopping. The app takes information from local connoisseurs who share recommendations on their favorite locations in cities all across America.

This app will help you choose the best spots for your client meetings, as well as equip you with recommendations that show your prospects you're "in the know." 

Download Localeur in the App Store or on Google Play.

5. IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM

As a real estate agent, it's important for you to be constantly connected. No matter where you are, you want to be in control of your business and on top of your tasks.

That's why it's crucial for you to have access to your real estate CRM through your mobile device. With IXACT Contact's real estate CRM app it's easy to get organized and keep in touch with your prospects and past clients – from anywhere, using any device!

With IXACT Contact's mobile app you can:

  • Keep in touch by tapping to make a call, or to send a text or email.
  • Get better organized with the 'Next Steps' function that automatically prompts you to make a note, task or appointment after you complete a phone call, email, or text message.
  • Manage your communications by assigning contacts to drip marketing campaigns and your Monthly e-Newsletter.

If you're already using IXACT Contact, you can download the mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play.

Honorable Mention: EverlanceEffortless expense tracker and automatic mileage log!

Did you know that every 1,000 miles driven for your business is worth $535 in tax deductible expenses?

  • Automatic trip detection makes sure you never lose a mile again
  • Uses GPS to detect every trip and save it in the cloud
  • Classify trips with a single swipe
  • Reports emailed to you at your convenience
  • Helps track deductible expenses so you can maximize deductions

Everlance has both free and paid versions, depending on how much functionality the user requires. Click here to learn more.