4 Ways to Shine on Instagram
Don’t just post listing photos on Instagram. Think outside the box to elevate your brand, says Danielle Garofalo, brand strategist and founder of ThinkBillionDollar.com.

Use categories. In your bio, emphasize three or four interests, including those beyond real estate— for example, “I do real estate, tech, adventures, and dessert.” Post photos that fit into those categories. “Not everyone is always going to be in the market for a property,” Garofalo says. “Keep them engaged in other ways.”

Be a photo tease. Don’t post all your listing photos. Highlight a feature that has character—even a detail as simple as the unique doorknobs of an older home or the tree-lined street. “Your posts can become conversation starters,” Garofalo says.

Tell a story. Use Instagram Stories to share stories about a home, a transaction, or everyday life. Consider sharing one story daily.

Chase engagement, not followers. “Why do you want more followers if you’re not engaging with the ones you have?” Garofalo says. Engage by commenting on followers’ posts. “A like shows you’re paying attention,” she says, “but a comment is being engaged as a human and goes a lot further.”

Source: "4 Ways to Shine on Instagram"