GAAR’s Grande Open House Weekend Media Overview

The open house weekend is coming up fast and we already have over 400 houses listed. We are so excited to see so many Greater Albuquerque REALTORS® embrace this event! 

Now we just need to get potential homebuyers through the doors!

So, here are the ads and the advertising schedule to get the word out. They are targeting primarily the key home-buying demographic – Millenials and Gen X.  We hope you keep an eye (or ear) out for the ads and please share this with your sellers so they know where their house is being marketed.

Advertising Schedule


GAAR Ad for the Weekly Alibi

Alibi – Wednesday, April 15 Edition (half page shown above)

GAAR Albq. Journal ad

The Albuquerque Journal - Week of April 13 -19 in Monday's Business Outlook, Thursday's Main Section, Friday's Venue and Sunday's Main Section (6 column inch)

The Rio Ranch Observer - Wednesday, April 15 (6 column inch)

We are also printed in Su Casa's Calendar of Events in the current edition.



The Peak (KPEK)

Ten spots from 6am - 10am, Tuesday -Friday

Fifteen spots from 10am  - 7pm, Saturday-Sunday

Twenty-five streaming online,  Monday - Sunday

The Edge (KTEG)

Five spots from 6am - 10am, Tuesday -Friday

Five spots from 3am - 7am, Tuesday -Friday

Five spots from 10am  - 7pm, Saturday-Sunday

Twenty streaming online,  Monday - Sunday


Jose ( KRZY105.9FM) and ESPN Deportes (1450 AM)

Ten Spots: Thursday - Friday, 6am - 9am

Five Spots: Saturday - Sunday, 6am - 12pm

Ten Spots: Thursday - Sunday, 6am-12 am


Jose and ESPN Deportes - Streaming

Seventy Spots: Monday - Friday, 6am - 7pm

Fifteen Spots: Monday - Saturday, 6am - 12pm



Twelve Spots:  Monday - Friday 11am-12pm (morning novellas)

Three Spots: Wednesday- Friday, 6pm-10pm (evening novellas)

Six Spots: Wednesday - Saturday, 1am - 12 am

One Spot: Thursday, 5pm - 5:30pm (Community Event)

One Spot: Thursday, 10pm - 10:35pm (Community Event)




Univision / Jose / ESN Deportes



Click here to download the Open House Press Release