How to Build your Profile

Using your profile will unlock powerful tools to help you gain leads, land clients, and leverage recommendations like never before.

To get you started with using these powerful tools, we’ve organized step by step instructions to guide you through the process of setting up the key elements of your profile. Have a specific question? Jump over to's Knowledge Base or FAQ sections.

Video: How To Claim Your Profile


Video: Getting Started With Your New Profile



You can receive recommendations or testimonials from clients, business associates, friends or family members that will display on your® agent profile.

To access Recommendations

  1. Select the Recommendations link under your agent profile photo on the upper left hand side of the profile manager.
    Recommendations Link


Getting Recommendations

To copy existing recommendations over from RealSatisfied

  1. Click Add Real Satisfied
  2. Enter your RealSatisfied Vanity Key
    Vanity Key
  3. Select ADD


Send an email to a list of past clients

You can send an email to a list of past clients requesting that they leave you a recommendation on your agent profile.

  1. Enter email addresses of past clients in the text box.
  2. Click Send Email


Add some recommendations that you’ve already received

You can manually enter recommendations that you have received from another source to display on your agent profile.

  1. Click Add a recommendation
  2. Enter the Name of the person who left the recommendation.
    Name of recommender
  3. Enter the Date they left the recommendation.
    Date of recommendation
  4. Enter the recommendation text.

Add details to make your recommendation stand out

  1. Use the dropdown menu to identify your relationship to the recommender.
    How do you know
  2. Click Choose File Button to upload a photo for the transaction.(For Example: you and your client in front of a SOLD sign)
  3. Paste the URL or web address of a Youtube or Vimeo video of the recommendation.
    Video of the recommendation
  4. Click Save and Share Button


Ratings & Reviews

You can now receive ratings and reviews on your® agent profile. A higher rating from prior clients will assist you in building your profile credibility.


Blogs & Social

You can display feeds and posts from your social networkingaccounts, on your® agent profile.

To access Blogs & Social

  1. Select the Blogs & Social link under your agent profile photo on the upper left hand side of the Profile Manager.
    Blogs & Social Link


Blog Posts

  1. To display blog posts to your agent profile, click the switch icon in the Blog Posts section.
    Blog Posts
  2. Enter your Blog URL in the text box.
    your blog URL
  3. Click ADD


  1. To display posts you create on Facebook on your agent profile, click the switch icon in the Facebook section next to the label Show Facebook posts on your® profiles.
    Facebook section
  2. Enter your Facebook login credentials.
    Facebook Login
  3. Click Facebook Login Button
  4. Select who you would like to share posts from® with from the dropdown.
    facebook share
  5. Click Facebook OKAY Button
  6. Click Facebook OKAY Button from the screen requesting that® manage your pages.
    Facebook Manage Pages
  7. Click the switch icon if you would like to show Facebook checkins on your® profile.
    facebook Checkins
  8. If you would like to display a link to your Facebook page on your® profile, use the dropdown menu to select which account to display.
    Facebook Display link on profile


  1. To display posts you create on Twitter on your agent profile, click the switch icon in the Twitter section next to the label Show visitors a link to your Twitter page.
    Twitter Switch
  2. Log in to your Twitter account.
    Twitter Login
  3. Click Authorize App


  1. To display your Foursquare Check-ins on your agent profile, click the switch icon in the Foursquare section next to the label, Show Foursquare checkins on your® profiles.
    Foursquare switch
  2. Log in to your Foursquare account.
    Foursquare Sign in
  3. Click Foursquare Log in and allow

Profile Account Options

To access your profile account options, click My Account from the agent profile navigation panel.
Profile Account Settings

What name do you want on your profile?

  1. You can control the name that displays on your agent profile from this section. Enter your First, Middle, Nick & last name.
  2. Choose what name you would like to display on your agent profile by selecting the checkbox.
    Show this name

Account Settings® will notify you when you receive reminders, new recommendations & problems with your account.

  1. Enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications of this type in the Account Email text box.
    Account Email
  2. Click Save Account Button

Emails you want to receive

You can choose what type of email notifications you would like to receive by selecting the appropriate checkboxes from the Emails you want to receivesection.
Emails you want to receive

Help & Support

Assistance is at your fingertips with the Help & Support center link on the the agent control panel navigation panel. The Help & Support center has helpful tips and tricks and other information to help you get the most from your® agent profile.
Help & Support Link