What’s in a name?

From the Incredibowls to Carter's Cuties to Stars & Strikes Forever, one of the best things about GAAR's Charity Bowl-A-Thon is the fun and witty team names.

Coming up with a creative team name for GAAR's 3rd Annual Charity Bowl-A-Thon can be a challenge, so we put together a few tips to help your team come up with a clever name. Don't forget - the team with the most creative, witty name will be awarded for the Best Team Name.

Simple Tips for Creating a Clever Team Name

1. Start with a word related to the activity you are planning to do. Brainstorm a list of common words or terminology relevant to your team event or activity. For example, for GAAR's Charity Bowl-A-Thon, the words might be 'strike, gutter, pin, alley, spare, ball, roller, or lane'.

2. Pick one or more of the key words. Join them together or add an adjective. Pick something that has a good ring to it, and words starting with the same letter often work well. For instance, 'Super Strikes, High Rollers, Gutter Gals, and King Pins'.

3. Think how the key words might be able to be modified to make a creative team name. 'Strike' may become 'Striker', so 'Striker Chicks' could be a good name for an all-female team.

4. Use an online thesaurus to come up with similar words, or go to a rhyming dictionary site like rhymezone.com. Put in the terms and see what you come up with. For example, strike rhymes with hike, so your team name could be 'Take a Strike'.

5. Think of puns or clever sayings using the keywords. Creative team names can often be developed if you think of phrases using the common key words. Clever team names with double meanings usually work well. Examples include: 'Rolling Thunder, Alley Cats, Lucky Strikes, Rolling Pins, Spare Me, and Strike Force'.

6. If you want to get even more creative, look for a more complex pun by thinking of words, phrases, movie titles or celebrity names that sound similar or rhyme with the common word list. Try swapping similar sounding words in and out of a phrase. For instance, the 'Ten Pin Commandments, Gutter Fingers, Bowling Stones, or Bad Spare Day'.

Other Ways to Create a Clever Team Name

Use a team name generator!

Team name generators are great tools for sparking some useful ideas for a creative team name. Try using one of these free generators for your team's name.

Explore popular team names!

The internet is full of websites that list popular and award-winning team names. Do a quick google search for 'creative bowling team names' and see if any of the results spark your team's interests.

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