Entering your Lockbox Serial Number into Flexmls

Following GAAR’s recent Lockbox Exchange Event, the [Lockbox Serial #] field in Flexmls was made required on Monday, February 29, 2016.  Effective May 16, 2016, compliance fines will start being assessed for the [Lockbox Serial #] field in Flexmls.  Fines will be assessed pursuant to Section 9.1.1 of the SWMLS Rules and Regulations.

Assigning lockboxes to listings is important to listing and selling members, the MLS compilation, and the administration of GAAR’s lockbox program.  Through GAAR’s new lockbox program (Supra 2.0), members are able to “check-out” SUPRA BT LE lockboxes based on the number of active listings they have plus 30%.  Lockboxes must be assigned to a listing within 30-days of being checked-out from the Association, or within 30-days of being unassigned from a previous listing.  When a lockbox is not being used, and will not be used within 30-days, the member should return the lockbox to the Association so it may be removed from the member’s inventory and placed back into GAAR’s inventory for circulation.  By returning an unused lockbox prior to the inventory “true up” you will:

  • Avoid being charged $150 for excess lockboxes not returned during the True Up period.
  • Free up storage space while ensuring you don't misplace lockboxes in your care.
  • Avoid any possible last-minute-rush in September.
  • Ensure lockboxes are available for all active listings in Central New Mexico.

For more information regarding the program, as well as the inventory “true up,” please visit https://www.gaar.com/images/uploads/supra-fact-sheet.pdf

To that end, by ensuring the lockbox is assigned to an active listing by entering the 8-digit serial number of the box in the [Lockbox Serial #] field in Flexmls, the member will avoid receiving a compliance violation for a missing serial number.

The field is found in the ‘Main Fields’ section when adding or modifying a listing, and appears as below.

The Lockbox Serial # field in MLS

When a Supra BT LE lockbox is placed on a listing, the member must enter the 8-digit serial number in this field.  All Supra BT LE serial numbers begin with the number 3.  If the member is using an old Supra lockbox, this could prevent other members using the mobile app from being able to enter and show the listing.  Therefore, it is advised that any member using an old Supra lockbox on a listing return the lockbox as soon as possible and receive a new Supra BT LE lockbox to place on the property (and also enter the new serial number in the [Lockbox Serial #] field).

When a Supra lockbox exists on the property, ‘Showing Instructions’ on the Details tab should be updated to provide appropriate showing information.  The latter is also true.  If no lockbox exists on the listing, however, ‘Showing Instructions’ states “Vacant on Lockbox,” “Lockbox Call 1st” or “Lockbox Text 1st,” the listing member will receive a compliance notice requesting that either a valid Supra lockbox number be added to the listing, or the ‘Showing Instructions’ be revised to accurately reflect that there is not a Supra lockbox on the listing.

When a Supra lockbox is not on the property, or there is a contractor lockbox or electronic deadbolt, all zeroes (eight zeroes – 00000000) should be entered in this field.  Furthermore, for contractor lockboxes, [Contractor Lock Boxes] on the Details tab at listing input should have ‘YES’ selected.  Also, be sure not to select any of the “Vacant on Lockbox,” “Lockbox Call 1st” or “Lockbox Text 1st” options in the ‘Showing Instructions.’  You may also elect to enter additional showing instructions in the LO/SO remarks regarding the contractor lockbox or electronic deadbolt.

“What should I do now to avoid receiving a compliance violation, or in the event I do receive one?”

Take appropriate steps to review your inventory of Supra lockboxes, and ensure those that are on an active listing have the valid 8-digit serial number entered into Flexmls on that listing.  If you are in possession of more lockboxes than your active listings you will want to return those lockboxes to the Association.

Furthermore, review your listings for data accuracy and ensure the [Lockbox Serial #] is being appropriately used.  Review your ‘Showing Instructions’ for, and ask yourself these questions:

Is there a Supra lockbox on the property?

  • Yes
    - Enter the 8-digit serial number in the [Lockbox Serial #] field in Flexmls
    - Ensure ‘Showing Instructions’ mention the lockbox accurately (Call 1st, Text 1st, Vacant, etc.)
  • No
    - Enter all zeroes in the [Lockbox Serial #] field
    - Ensure ‘Showing Instructions’ do not mention a lockbox on the property
  • Yes, but it is not a new Supra BT LE lockbox
    - Exchange the existing lockbox at GAAR with a Supra BT LE lockbox, then enter the lockbox serial number into Flexmls
  • No, it is a Contractor Lockbox
    - Enter all zeroes in the [Lockbox Serial #] field
    - Ensure ‘Showing Instructions’ do not mention a lockbox on the property