® Control Panel Overview

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What is the Control Panel?

The Control Panel is an administrative tool that allows you to manage your total web presence as well as learn about new features and services available to you on®. The below describes the Control Panel available to Agent Accounts.

How do I Navigate in the Control Panel?

The Control Panel interface consists of a top navigation menu based on task-oriented themes and content area where relevant content is displayed. Clicking on a particular menu item will display the appropriate content in the content area.

  1. Dashboard: The Agent Dashboard is the landing page where you will be taken first upon accessing your Control Panel. The Dashboard contains helpful information and provides you with your account overview. If you would like to return to the Agent Dashboard at any time simply click on the Dashboard tab.

  2. Product Setup: The product Setup tab is where you can enter your agent profile photo, agent contact information, Email addresses, Broker information, Toll-free tracking phone number & lead alert text messaging options. *Once this information is entered, it will display within the Agent Branding section on enhanced listings.

  3. Manage Listings: The Manage Listings link allows you to access your listing inventory as well as edit listing enhancements.

  4. Profile Manager: The Profile Manager allows you to create your Find a REALTOR® agent profile, that can be displayed to consumers that are looking to locate an agent in their area. In your Find a REALTOR® profile, you can display your Biography, Experience, Specializations, Recommendations, Ratings and Reviews and much more. The purpose of your Find a REALTOR® profile is to provide you with the ability to gain additional clientele.

  5. Reports: Provides a summary of important reporting information and links to view detailed reports for each of your solutions. *In addition, you will be able to schedule automated listing activity reports that can be sent out to your home sellers, allowing you to provide helpful information about how their homes are performing on®

  6. Inquiries: The Inquiries tab is where you can access leads that have been filled out by potential home buyers on your listings, as well as access leads that have been purchased from our Connections for Co-Brokerage buyer lead product.

  7. Top Tasks: The Top Tasks section contains 3 links that every agent should access to get the most out of their® free and paid products.

  8. Recently Added Listings: This section will display your 3 most recent listings added to® via your MLS. To view your entire listing inventory, click the “View All” button at the bottom of this section or by clicking the “Manage Listings” tab from the top navigation bar.

  9. Solutions You Own: Provides a list of all the® products and solutions that are associated with your account, and provides links to configure their settings and view the reporting information.

  10. Support: Provides links to our online support site, links to register for Live Seminars, Online Training Webinars as well as the® customer care phone number.

How do I logout of the Control Panel?

Click your name at the top of the Agent Control Panel then Click the “Sign Out” Link from the dropdown menu that appears.

*Feature available to customers of® listing enhancement products only.